APIs to make your app multiplayer, just like Figma.

Jobs at Snippyly

San Francisco, CA, US / Remote (US/CA)
$50k - $70k
0.10% - 0.40%
Any (new grads ok)
$10k - $20k
0.10% - 0.40%
Any (new grads ok)
San Francisco, CA / Remote (United States)
$85k - $125k
0.20% - 0.60%
Any (new grads ok)

Why you should join Snippyly

About Snippyly

We are building APIs that brings Figma-like multiplayer & collaborative experience to any app. Imagine powering every shared experience on the web - like working together, booking trips together, learning together etc.

Today, 99% of all online tools we use are siloed and not collaborative. They are not built collaboration-first. With Snippyly, we will fix this.

We imagine a future where you can collaborate with anyone from anywhere like they were there. Snippyly will make the world more collaborative & enable everyone to build more great things together.

Why you should join us

1. You will be one of the first 10 employees & help shape:

  • Our engineering practices
  • The direction & focus of our products
  • Our future company culture
  • Our team of highly talented & driven individuals

2. Define & set standards: The code that you write will define & set standards for the future of every shared experience on the web.

3. Ship fast to end users: Your work will get shipped fast (like super fast) and land directly into the hands of developers & all of their end users!

4. 0 to 1: You will have the front row seats to an incredible 0 to 1 journey.


We are a team of ex-Googlers. We've launched products like Augmented Reality in Google Search & Maps. As an early team member, you will work directly with the founders.

Funding Status

Snippyly closed its seed round earlier in March. We are backed by Y Combinator, Spider Capital, Amino Capital, First Row Partners and many angels from Google, Stripe etc.

Come join us in this exciting journey ahead 🚀

Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Rakesh Goyal
Rakesh Goyal