Squire Technologies

Squire Technologies

Platform to grow your barbershop and maximize profitability.

Squire is a booking and payment platform that connects people with great barbers worldwide. Squire makes it easy to discover and book the best barbers wherever you are, in just a few taps. Squire is also the premier management platform for barbershops. Using Squire, barbers are able to engage their customers, process bookings and payments and better market their business through Squire’s “barbershop discovery” capabilities. Fully integrated with a point of sale, inventory management and payroll systems, Squire is a one-stop solution for barbershop owners to efficiently operate their business. With headquarters in New York and a presence in major cities in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, Squire has quickly become a market leader in technology solutions for the barbershop industry worldwide. For more information, please visit getsquire.com or download the Squire iOS app from the App Store.


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