Remove PCI, PHI, PII Leaks from SaaS, Cloud, Endpoints & Generative AI

Jobs at Strac

USA / Remote (USA)
$1K - $10K
Senior and above
USA / Remote (USA)
$120K - $160K
0.01% - 0.10%
6+ years

Why you should join Strac

Strac is solving a problem that millions of businesses face everyday: how to protect sensitive data? We are on a mission to eliminate personal data risks. Strac protects businesses by securing their customer's personal data like SSN, Drivers License, Passport, EIN, etc. in a unique way where businesses do not have to worry about security or compliance risks while still getting their business done without getting disrupted.

Strac DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) do this by automatically detecting and masking sensitive messages/documents across email, slack, zendesk, mobile/web apps, backend servers, and various SaaS solutions. Our customers love our redaction experience.

We are a team of ex-Amazonians who collectively spent 30+ years at Amazon in Payments building their secure zone that stored/manged billions of cards/bank accounts and connected with hundreds of payment partners. Our unique Amazon engineering experience along side our initial traction on customers makes it exciting for engineers to build and grow.

We also raised $3.5MM seed round from exceptional investors. You can read more about that here:

Team Size:6
Location:Bellevue, WA
Aatish Mandelecha
Aatish Mandelecha