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One-stop wearable solution for pedestrians with visual impairments

Sunu Band is the first smart-watch that combines sonar sensing with haptic feedback to alert visually impaired users of obstacles around them in real time. The band is powered with an accessible GPS application to make location information available to the user on the go. Altogether, the Sunu Band reduces accidents, increases confidence and independence to users.

Fernando Albertorio, Operations & Sales

I am a unique problem-solver. I bring creativity and 20-years of entrepreneurial, business and scientific/technical experience to the job. I thrive on digging into customer needs. I love creating, optimizing and scaling products that matter.

Fernando Albertorio

Cuauhtli Padilla, CTO

Previous CTO at SUNU, now launched Liberet - Alibaba for food services

Cuauhtli Padilla

Marco Trujillo, CEO

Mexican entrepreneur removing the disadvantages of living with disabilities with human enhancing technology and social awareness. - Robotics engineer with 10+ years of experience in hardware. - Social Innovator awarded by MIT technology review, MassChallenge, and more. - Life enthusiast with a strong devotion for dancing (Breakdance, Latin, more), spiritual seeking (10+ years of eastern spiritual practice) and making good friends.

Marco Trujillo