AI-powered Python junior developer for software teams

Sweep is an AI assistant to automate your software chores like bug fixes and version upgrades. You can install Sweep at https://docs.sweep.dev/assistant! Join our community at https://discord.com/invite/sweep-ai

Jobs at Sweep

San Francisco, CA, US
$120K - $180K
1.00% - 2.00%
1+ years
Team Size:3
Group Partner:Diana Hu

Active Founders

William Zeng

Graduated from CMU with BS in Stats/ML. Worked at Roblox as the youngest senior MLE at the company. Built the first vector search model + many search improvements. Now working on building an open source AI junior dev.

William Zeng
William Zeng

Kevin Lu

Dropped out of UWaterloo CS. Previously built the first ML-based skin weight generation model for UGC avatars at Roblox and NLP researcher on common sense reasoning (in the Bart/T5 era). Now building an AI-powered junior dev and interested in code gen and automated code gen orchestration.

Kevin Lu
Kevin Lu

Company Launches

TL;DR: Sweep is an AI junior developer that autonomously handles small tasks in your codebase. Hire Sweep at https://github.com/apps/sweep-ai! Everyone gets 5 GPT4 pull requests to start.

👋 Hey everyone! We’re Kevin and William, the founders of Sweep. Sweep started when we realized some software engineering tasks were so simple we could automate the entire change. Sweep does this by writing the entire PR with code.

🎊 We recently brought Sweep one step closer to being a fully autonomous junior developer!


Taking care of software chores drains your productivity, especially when you know it can be automated. Dealing with small fixes, repetitive refactors, and edge cases is time-consuming and frustrating.

We built Sweep to automate this, but LLMs often get things wrong on the first try. We realized that we could fix this by telling Sweep to try another solution, or by feeding it the error logs directly.


We allowed Sweep to take more feedback and input from all directions (much like a junior developer should 😉). Sweep can:

💬 Address a senior developers comments, fixing itself and retrying on either on a file comment or issue comment

❗Fix Sweep’s own PRs on failed GitHub Action runs, including linters, tests and builds

🦥 Slow mode: Sweep takes extra time to handle larger tasks

🏞️ Read and write super long files: Sweep handles files with 2000+ lines of code

⚙️ sweep.yaml - Configure Sweep with repo-level descriptions and use have Sweep use a dev branch


Hire Sweep at https://github.com/apps/sweep-ai!
You can reach us at:

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🧹 Sweep - AI developer that handles your tech debt

Turn feature requests and bugs into pull requests with code
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