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Singapore / Remote
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Why you should join Take App

Take App is Shopify for local sellers in SE Asia; today, they take orders via WhatsApp messages. We lets them build a lightweight ecommerce site so they can take orders online.

Founder Youmin Kim is ex-Facebook Engineering Manager who launched Facebook Marketplace and Messaging Commerce in SE Asia.

We are generating 1.7 M dollars of monthly GMV from 1,000 active sellers

Our customers are local sellers such as restaurants and groceries. For example, a restaurant in Indonesia created their website and told us that they are saving 2 hours everyday.

Future commerce is conversational and SE Asia already started it with WhatsApp. Our vision is to build a platform to automate conversational commerce.

Take App company is based in Singapore but we are working fully remote from Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, and Singapore.

Take App
Team Size:4
Youmin Kim
Youmin Kim