Marketplace to help companies lease and share office space

Full stack engineer (all levels) @ fast-growing B2B marketplace

$100K - $200K / 0.20% - 5.00%
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Rafi Sands
Rafi Sands

About the role

“Do things that don’t scale”

Acting almost like “recruiters for office space”, today we are hands-on in every detail of the transaction — matching compatible companies, negotiating space pricing, drafting legal agreements, billing monthly license fees, etc. This has allowed us to rapidly learn what demand wants and how to serve it.

We’re now at the point where it’s time to leverage technology to build a customer-friendly, scalable service model.

We’re open minded and opportunistically recruiting for engineers of all levels who can help us:

  1. Design systems-level architecture around our product roadmap
  2. Translate the roadmap into sprints and tickets
  3. Manage and support the engineering team
  4. Execute and write good code!

Can you help us with one of these problems?

We’ve got a ton of exciting problems to work on, such as:

  • Build a matching algorithm to turn our scrappy Google-sheets/Hubspot/morning-standup routine into an automated process
  • Build an AI agent to cut a 20-hour/100-email-per-deal highly manual servicing process in half
  • Build a “smart onboarding” process for potential Hosts to quickly share information about their space and sign our terms of service
  • Build a multi-party tour optimization tool that helps Hosts and Seekers coordinate office tours and next steps
  • Build a Slack bot that helps newly-moved-in companies get to know each-other, understand terms of space use, and triage issues that come up

Over the next 6 months our primary focus will be on building the frontend office leasing marketplace (a la Airbnb). Once that’s near completed, we’ll transition into building more internal tooling (yes, AI) to help us help customers through the office leasing process more quickly and delightfully.

We’re opportunistically recruiting for all levels, junior to CTO

At a baseline, all candidates will have:

  • Skillset
    • ENGINEERING: Full-stack experience including frontend web development and backend customer data management.
    • PRODUCT: Ability to empathize with customers and think strategically about what to build and why. Design skills a major plus.
  • Character
    • Go-getter with extreme levels of ownership and an A+ positive / get-shit-done attitude
    • Team player who takes responsibility and finds THRILL in CHALLENGE!
  • Experience
    • Experience working in a startup or small org setting with big problems and limited resources
    • An interest in taking career risk and experiencing the early stage roller-coaster in a supportive environment

Our tech stack:

  • Next.js / Typescript front end
  • Node / Express / GraphQL powering our backend

We will provide…

  1. Meaningful equity in the business as a member of the founding team
  2. Hard working & extremely supportive + kind team
  3. Chance to have ownership over building something from 0 to 1 in a space with existing / proven demand

About the interview

  1. Screen with our interim engineering lead (30 mins)
  2. Behavioral interview with our Head of Product, Ben Lowenstein (30 mins)
  3. Behavioral interview with our CEO, Rafi Sands (30 minutes)
  4. Technical assessment with our interim engineering lead or a technical advisor (1-2 hours)
  5. Paid contract trial (1-2 weeks) including interviews with the rest of our team

About Tandem

Empty offices, endless Zoom meetings, what’s that you say about “hybrid work”?

We’re on a mission to bring human connection back to work by making the hybrid office a reality. Founded in early 2023, we’re a venture-backed startup spun out of Stanford that matches like-minded companies to share office space. The result: lively, energized office space — with people you know and trust — without all the waste.

So far we have 250+ companies in our ‘match pool’ and have paying customers in the Bay Area, LA and NYC, with >$3M in annual rent volume running through us. Tandem was founded by Rafi Sands (Bain, Pano, Marqeta, Stanford GSB), Brendan Suh (Bain) and Kristen Gallogly (CBRE). We’re backed by Y Combinator & Soma Capital and supported by Stanford Professor Nick Bloom.

Team Size:5
Location:San Francisco
Kristen Gallogly
Kristen Gallogly
Rafi Sands
Rafi Sands
Brendan Suh
Brendan Suh