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Product Sourcing Manager

$60K - $75K / 0.25%
Oakland, CA, US / Remote (US)
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1+ years
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Chai Mishra
Chai Mishra

About the role

The Essential is hiring a Sourcing Manager. The SM will use The Essential’s proprietary AI technology to find new categories and products, negotiate with manufacturers, test product quality, analyze sales data, coordinate with other teams, and maintain relationships with suppliers.

Responsibilities -Use The Essential’s proprietary AI technology to find new categories and products and identify the best manufacturers. -Reach out to those manufacturers and negotiate deals for them to manufacture products for The Essential. -Receive hundreds of samples and test their quality in-depth and objectively. -Study the performance of those products on The Essential store and consistently find ways to improve the catalog. -Forecast product demand and reorder as needed to meet The Essential’s goals. -Coordinate with designers and marketers to help launch and tell the story behind the products. -Coordinate with ops to ensure the timely and safe delivery of the products. -Maintain relationships with the humans that make the products and send them regular updates on their products' performance.

Skills -Sales, business development, or account management experience (the ability to manage many stakeholders at once). -Sourcing experience — especially international sourcing. -The ability to speak foreign languages (especially Mandarin) is preferred but not required.

Character Sociable, enjoy building new relationships, and energized by social interaction. Ability to handle stress well.

Commitment Part-Time, Full Time Or Contract all accepted

Culture The truth will set you free No job is too small Kindness over niceness. Less but better. She who panics last wins. She who knows more wins. If you’re interested in joining The Essential’s mission to create the best version of every essential with ethical means, please apply with your resume and cover letter.

The Essential is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race, sexuality, or any other protected class. We believe that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success and we welcome all qualified applicants to apply.

About The Essential

The Essential is e-commerce 2.0.

What we do We make and sell the single best version of all your essentials, at the best price possible.

How we do it We're not an "everything store."We sell only the essentials, we're members-only and we only sell our own brand. We cut out the middlemen, the brands, the physical stores and the markups — to make products cost a lot less, all while paying the producer more.

Why we do it To add meaning to people’s lives through products they use and love, made by people who know and care, with stories that matter, and means that are honest.

The Essential
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Location:San Francisco
Chai Mishra
Chai Mishra