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TransAstra Corporation

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Orbital logistics: Unleashing space industry, from Earth to asteroids

TransAstra builds and flies space tugs that take customer satellites from where they are in orbit to where they need to go. Our tugs will mine asteroids and move heavy industry to outer space. Our proprietary Omnivore™ thruster is a breakthrough solar thermal rocket we are developing to dominate the orbital logistics market. Omnivore is less expensive and higher in performance than the best thrusters on the market today and can use nearly any fluid as propellant, greatly simplifying orbital logistics. Our founder, Dr. Joel Sercel, is a Caltech space propulsion technologist and plasma physicist, former NASA/JPL engineer, and former CTO of Momentus. We have signed MOUs with Blue Origin and several other aerospace companies and are signing new deals weekly. We have over a $100M in market traction based on LOIs, MOUs, and contracts for orbital logistics and supply. In Y Combinator S21, thus far TransAstra has accepted more than $4.5M in private investment and more than $4.5M of undiluted NASA funding.

Jobs at TransAstra Corporation

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TransAstra Corporation
Team Size:8
Location:Los Angeles, CA

Active Founders

Joel Sercel

An engineer of several disciplines and a pioneer with a proven track record in innovation, team leadership, technical architectural design, software design, systems engineering,space mission design, space propulsion technology, satellite design, enterprise process engineering, training, teaching, and public speaking. PhD in space propulsion and plasma physics from Caltech. Have successfully built and led teams ranging in size from two people to over 100.