Point-of-sale & Vertical SaaS for the $75B Liquor Industry

Transformity is a point-of-sale & back office software purpose-built for liquor stores that integrates with their distributors, automates manual work, and opens new sources of revenue.

Team Size:2
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Param Bidja

Co-founder and CEO @ Transformity. Previously senior engineer at AWS. Love my parents so much that I'm building a company for them :)

Param Bidja
Param Bidja

Jay Patel

Co-Founder and CTO @ Transformity. Ex-Software Engineer at Amazon. Owner of multiple retail businesses. Active GitHub Contributor.

Company Launches


Liquor stores run inefficiently. Operators rely on paper and phone interactions with suppliers, do not accurately maintain inventory and prices, miss valuable discount periods, struggle to monitor regulatory changes, and do not capitalize on new revenue streams.


Transformity is a point-of-sale system purpose-built for liquor stores that integrates with their suppliers, automates manual work, and opens new sources of revenue. Transformity provides:

  1. Supplier integration: Provides a digitized catalog from liquor wholesalers, including all available products, pricing & discounts.
  2. Purchasing decisions: Generates purchase orders that optimize inventory based on pricing and sales.
  3. Automatic inventory tracking: Receives digital invoices to seamlessly maintain inventory and prices.
  4. Regulatory monitoring: Automatically tracks monthly changes to liquor regulatory requirements.
  5. Additional revenue streams: Integrates with delivery and e-commerce platforms.

Customer response

“Transformity is exactly what we needed. A system built by liquor store owners for liquor stores.” - Rason Bell, Little Rooster Liquors

Our first user in action!


Jay and Param both come from families who have owned liquor stores across 3 states for over 20 years. They grew up working at their parents’ stores. They’ve been close friends since college and worked as engineers @ Amazon.

Our request

If you know anyone in the liquor industry, we’d love to chat! Even connecting us to your favorite liquor store would help. Please reach out at param@transformity.tech.