Invest in people’s performance like you invest in stocks

Growth Marketer

$25K - $85K / 0.10% - 4.00%
Miami, FL, US / Paris, IDF, FR / Ajaccio, Corsica, FR
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Andrea Bonapersona
Andrea Bonapersona

About the role

YC-backed Trendex is reinventing the way talents and fans exchange value on the internet.

Trendex is reinventing the way that talents and fans exchange value on the internet.

Have you ever seen a talented person make it? Have you ever wanted to be able to bet on their success? We are Trendex, the company that allows fans to own a share in the careers of the next generation of the world's top athletes and talents.

We are 3 passionate founders, including a Unicorn founder (JellySmack). Our investors include 4 Unicorn founders in Web3, Sports & Media, as well as famous NBA Elite Star Rudy Gobert and JP fund DG Ventures.

We have a team of 10 dedicated engineers & creatives. We have been growing in a range of +20% and +120% MoM in revenue for the past 3 months, with $200k monthly GMV in february. Our next goal is to reach $100k+ MRR by June.

Our ambition is to create the world's first open talent market, where billions of fans worldwide can invest in the careers of future stars in sports, music, and entertainment. Our mission will have a huge positive impact, enabling talented individuals to receive the support they need to thrive..

✅ As a fast-growing company looking for a highly motivated and experienced growth marketer to help us accelerate our play-to-earn/NFT/web3 platform in the EU and US markets.

🥋 As the ideal candidate, you should have a business + communication background, be fluent in English, have a passion for cryptocurrencies and NFTs or Web3, and experience in growing digital products and delivering effective results.

You should also have excellent social media marketing skills and the ability to grow d2c/investment/crypto product userbases. Most importantly, you should share our enthusiasm for making a positive change in the world.

Package includes salary + bonus, as well as a equity based on profile.

Company is based on the French Riviera, we can provide a free apartment by the sea if you wish to come, but we also travel a lot and are open to remote and hybrid as it suits you best.

About the interview

The initial phone call is an informal way to learn more about the role and for you to determine if it aligns with your interests. Our ideal candidate is someone who has a strong passion for startups and is motivated to assist them, which is often demonstrated through prior experience working at or founding one.

We will briefly discuss your past projects, particularly in terms of metrics and practical aspects. Our main goal is to assess your ability to imagine and deliver results by using innovative growth & marketing approaches while being able to explain the details with clarity. This typically indicates that you have taken ownership and demonstrated autonomy in making growth / marketing decisions and executing them.

The interview

The interview process provides a deeper assessment of your marketing abilities, growth mindset, and overall compatibility with our team. During the "fit" portion, we not only seek ownership and autonomy but also delve into communication skills. This is evaluated throughout the process, including how you articulate your approach, solutions, and overall thoughts.

Each interview lasts for 45 minutes, and it's helpful to have prior knowledge of YC, PG's essays on startups, and experience with Trendex's platform, although not mandatory.

We are interested in learning about how you have grown similar products and communities, as well as seeing innovative ideas and approaches on how you would tackle this role. We value analytical skills, follow-through, and clear thinking.

The interview process follows the same format for most of our marketing positions, and we encourage you to ask any questions you may have. We always welcome creativity and boldness so don't be afraid to bring in new ideas or feedback.

About Trendex

Trendex lets you invest in athletes & other talented people, just like you invest in stocks.

We do this by creating personal limited edition tokens under official license with each famous or promising athlete. We then compute the athlete's performance in and off the field (social influence) to give him a daily-updated performance score.

By doing this we allow people to invest on the world's best talents and make money with their passion.

Team Size:5
Location:Paris, France
Andrea Bonapersona
Andrea Bonapersona
Jean-Joseph MARIANI
Jean-Joseph MARIANI