Trendex - Own the stars

Trendex - Own the stars

Transforming billions of fans into active participants in the journey…

Trendex is a platform for fan engagement that enables billions of fans to actively follow the careers of top athletes and emerging talents. This is accomplished through the use of Trends, digital limited edition units whose worth is linked to the performance of the respective talent. Fans can purchase, trade, and utilize Trends on the Trendex platform. With Trendex, you have the opportunity to get involved early in the careers of promising athletes and actively engage with their daily performances through virtual competitions based on the real-life achievements of the talents you own.

Trendex - Own the stars
Team Size:9
Location:Paris, France
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Andrea Bonapersona

I am passionate about software engineering and game development since 12, graduating as an engineer in 2014. In 2015, I launched a GUI-based Ethereum mining app called GoldMiner. Then worked as an advisor and consultant for many companies in the payments, finance and art sectors. Passionate about FinTech and Blockchain solutions, I now focus my expertise on Trendex.

Andrea Bonapersona
Andrea Bonapersona
Trendex - Own the stars

Jean-Joseph MARIANI

Jean-Joseph has extensive experience in legal and consulting. He managed operations for large and mid-size business across Europe helping them scale while maintaining them focused, goal oriented and disciplined.

Jean-Joseph MARIANI
Jean-Joseph MARIANI
Trendex - Own the stars

Company Launches

Hey everyone 👋,

Our team is happy to present Trendex.

Trendex lets you invest in people’s performance like you would invest in stocks.

We do this by creating personal tokens that are linked to athletes and creators real world performance 💪.

You can watch our short explainer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DN0m7CkN1h0

What are Trendex tokens

Performance tokens are fan tokens with built-in utility.

Athletes and creators want to engage their audience with personal tokens but don’t want to spend hours on Discord or have to manually handle things like market liquidity and token utility.

Trendex automates audience engagement and lets athletes and creators focus on what they do best!

How it works

1- Sign up on https://trendex.vip?s=yc&i=2

2- Pick a team of 4 athletes and creators 🌟

3- Stake your tokens in tournaments 🏆

4- Start generating performance-based yield and have fun 💰

Tried Trendex? We’d love to hear from you!

Reach out to us at contact@trendex.tech, we’ll buy you a coffee :)