Automatically saving self-insured companies 7% on healthcare

TrueClaim processes all payments between healthcare providers and companies that self-fund their insurance. Unlike incumbents, TrueClaim uses newly available data and AI to save companies 7% of their healthcare costs.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Gustaf Alstromer

Active Founders

Barbora Howell

Barbora got her MBA at Stanford. She joined Hinge Health as employee #30 where she built and ran a number of functions, including HR, benefits and customer billing. After scaling Hinge Health to >700 employees and hundreds of customers, Barbora ran clinical operations at Pine Park Health - a primary care provider for residents of assisted living facilities and a YC company - where she served on the executive team and was in charge of member support, care coordination and more.

Barbora Howell
Barbora Howell

Bobby Bayer

Co-founder and CTO of TrueClaim (W24). Previously, Bobby spent 7 years as Senior Software Engineer building and scaling health tech solutions at pMD. He established and grew pMD’s RCM software and services divisions as Software Engineering Manager. Prior to that, he launched patient engagement software as a Senior Software Engineer. 30% of the revenue growth at pMD during his tenure could be directly attributed to a product that he launched.

Bobby Bayer
Bobby Bayer

Company Launches

👋 Hi

We’re Barbora and Bobby from TrueClaim.

TLDR: Our software uses newly available healthcare data to save self-insured companies 7% in healthcare costs. Schedule a demo to see for yourself.

We saw a problem

The American economy is on the verge of collapsing because of the ever-growing healthcare costs. Companies can no longer afford to pay 10% more to provide healthcare coverage to their employees every year. Something’s gotta give and we think that self-insured companies that provide healthcare benefits to 100 million Americans are in a great place to lead the change.

Our ‘Aha! moment’

With AI advancements and the 2021 CAA laws that force insurance companies to give self-insured employers full access to their itemized healthcare invoices, we can build technology to help companies understand and manage their healthcare spending better than ever before. This allows benefits leaders to make the best decisions for their company and their employees.

TrueClaim was born

TrueClaim automates healthcare cost savings for self-insured companies using medical claims and price transparency data. TrueClaim continuously reviews 100% of healthcare invoices to detect billing errors, pharmacy and care savings opportunities. So far, we have identified an average of 10.96% savings opportunities in the $20.2M worth of medical claims we’ve reviewed since January. We also offer a cost recovery service with a 3x ROI guarantee.

Example #1: How can my company save on pharmacy expenditures?

Example #2: How much would my company pay for healthcare with another health plan?

Example #3: How are the various benefits offered to my employees being used and helping?

Our team

As employee #30 at Hinge Health, Barbora built and ran a number of functions, including HR, Benefits, and Customer Billing. At Pine Park Health - a YC company in the value-based care space - she ran support, care coordination, and more. Barbora has her MBA from Stanford.

Bobby spent 7 years as a Senior Software Engineer building and scaling healthcare technology solutions at pMD. He established and grew pMD’s RCM software and services divisions and launched patient engagement software. Bobby has a Computer Science & Engineering degree from Santa Clara University.

So what?

We’ve got big plans cooking! We are looking to speak with more Benefits Consultants who specialize in working with self-insured companies as well as Benefits / Total Rewards VPs / Directors / Managers. Please reach out or intro via founders@trytrueclaim.com or schedule a demo directly here.

Hear from the founders

What is the core problem you are solving? Why is this a big problem? What made you decide to work on it?

USA spends 1 out of every 5 dollars on healthcare - the most in the world. These costs grow by ~10% every year. In the meantime healthcare outcomes are not improving. TrueClaim is leveraging newly available healthcare data and AI to revert this trend and save 1.5% of GDP.