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AI-powered McKinsey-quality reports in seconds

Watto AI uses LLMs to generate McKinsey quality reports in seconds. Customers use us to generate anything from high-quality marketing reports, custom white papers to product documents and more.

Watto AI
Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Harj Taggar

Active Founders

Rishabh Panwar

Founder & CEO at Watto AI. ex-CMU grad, entrepreneur and explorer.

Rishabh Panwar
Rishabh Panwar
Watto AI

Ishita Bhandari

A serial entrepreneur and UW alum with 7+ years of software development experience. I've worked at companies like StubHub and DoorDash, enhancing mobile apps and user experiences. Other than tech, I'm passionate about music.

Ishita Bhandari
Ishita Bhandari
Watto AI

Suryansh Soni

Experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Motivated to develop highly scalable systems to solve cutting edge problems. Strong business development professional with a Master of Science in Information Technology focused in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Suryansh Soni
Suryansh Soni
Watto AI

Company Launches


Watto AI empowers Product Managers to save ~10 hours/week on document creation. With Watto, you can seamlessly link user interviews, market research, data analysis, and more to automatically generate essential documents, such as PRDs, GTM strategies, etc. Reclaim your valuable time to focus on what’s most important: users and product.

(Not a PM? No worries, please leave a comment below or email us at rishabh@watto.ai – happy to discuss your specific use case)

(Fun Fact: 85% of this document was written using Watto in 10 seconds)

🤸🏻‍♀️ The Team

Ishita, Suryansh, and I (Rishabh) have known each other for a decade having worked on multiple projects and a startup back in India.

(Fun Fact 2: Ishita and I are married, meanwhile, Suryansh’s fiancee is also someone named Ishita. We are gearing up for lots of confusion 😂)

😵‍💫 The Problem

While working at our respective companies, we realized that our Product Manager counterparts spent a whopping 40% of their time writing different forms of content (slides, docs, emails, messages, etc.) for their disparate audiences. The process of gathering and organizing critical data from 100’s of sources is overwhelming, time-consuming, and error prone. It also takes away critical time from important things such as strategic product planning, market research, user interviews, etc.

💡 The Solution

Watto AI is the game-changer you've been waiting for! We provide you with:

  • 20+ Integrations: Seamlessly integrate data from different platforms like Google Suite, Notion, etc.
  • AI Co-Pilot: Inline co-pilot to help you rephrase, summarize, extract action items, and more
  • Templates: Existing templates for popular use cases like creating PRDs, GTM strategy, launch comms, etc.

Using Watto, PMs avoid writer’s block and save time from the drudgery of copy+pasting to focus on building a better user experience and product.

Here’s a live representation of what PMs are already achieving with Watto:

To get started, you have 5 free documents on us. Sign up now at Watto AI

🔮 Coming Soon

  • Import critical domain knowledge from 20+ popular integrations like Confluence, Salesforce, Figma, and more on the way
  • Automated workflows like the creation of Jira tickets, launch emails, etc. from a PRD
  • Support to create presentations

🙏 Our Asks

  • Intro to Product Managers / CPO / VP of Product in your network
  • Feedback on the product


Ishita, Rishabh & Suryansh