webapp.io (previously LayerCI)
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webapp.io (previously LayerCI)

Review code changes like Facebook does

Merge changes in hours instead of days. Webapp.io embeds new full-stack review environments directly into every pull request. If your team is building a webapp + using github/gitlab/bitbucket, talk to us! founders@webapp.io

Colin Chartier

Former CTO @ https://parsehub.com Now Co-founder & CEO @ https://layerci.com Technical founder, full-stack, system design, & devops Triple major (CS/stats/math) from University of Toronto

Lyn Chen

Former CEO of a food tech company that sold products to Marriott Hotels, WeWork. Now Co-founder & COO @ https://layerci.com Worked in growth and strategy roles from startups all the way to tech giants, one of which she saved from shutting down. Studied Econ / CS / Product Management at Queen’s University