Yemaachi Biotechnology

Yemaachi Biotechnology

Diversifying precision cancer diagnostics and treatments

Yemaachi Biotech is diversifying and expanding access to precision cancer diagnostics and therapeutics by collecting and sequencing samples from all across Africa, which is the most genetically diverse population on the planet. We then use this data to either optimize existing diagnostic tests, or help other companies discover new ones. With our research activities based in Africa, we are able to leverage access to the most genetically diverse population on the planet to build a first-of-its-kind clinical and molecular knowledgebase on cancer among African people.

Yemaachi Biotechnology
Team Size:16
Location:Accra, Ghana

Active Founders

Yaw Bediako

With extensive expertise in cellular and molecular immunology, Yaw has a keen interest in immune function as relates to non-communicable diseases among African populations. Yaw is very active in efforts to promote the development of a sustainable research ecosystem across sub-Saharan Africa. He is one of 5 scientists selected in the inaugural round of the prestigious Crick Africa Network Fellowship, an affiliate member of the African Academy of Sciences and a fellow of the Ghana Young Academy.

Yaw Attua-Afari

Finance and Investment professional with experience in investment banking and private equity (covering various sectors) in the US and Africa. Keen interest in high impact businesses. Co-founder and CFO of Yemaachi Biotech.

David Hutchful

I am passionate about designing and building tech solutions that are informed by a nuanced understanding of the socio-economic and cultural contexts of the problems. I've worked in the private (Microsoft Research) and non-profit (Grameen Foundation) sectors and built companies that use technology to improve peoples' lives. When I am not hacking ideas or technology, I love to read, travel and experience different cultures. I am always available to play or watch football.

Joyce Ngoi