Fini - ⚡️ Lightning ⚡️ quick Customer Contact Resolution

Fini helps companies collect, categorize and resolve customer issues using AI

Fini helps companies collect, categorize and resolve customer interactions.

Hey all! We’re Deepak & Hakim, and we have worked on AI systems for customer interaction at companies like Uber, Accenture, and PwC.

We’ve seen companies in multiple sectors lose millions of dollars trying to solve various customer interactions manually through agents - spanning from healthcare claims for insurance companies to millions of customer inbound tickets for B2C enterprises.

At Fini we categorise and resolve all your customer inbounds in real-time across 50+ languages, and integrates with your CRM systems in less than a week.


When a company tries to scale its operations, it often runs into the following roadblocks in terms of handling customer contact:

  1. Customer requests come from multiple channels (emails, CRM, typeform, chatbots, in-app)
  2. These requests are currently solved manually by agents. Actioning this feedback at scale is slow and expensive.
  3. Customer insights are not generated in real time

How can Fini help me?

We can help you to:

  • Integrate channels into one overview: Collecting requests from across your systems.
  • Product driven resolution: Our software redirects customers to self-serve product integrations to solve their issues without any human touch.
  • Get real-time product insights: Dashboards tailored to your use-case precisely illuminating customer pain points.

Want us to help you? Email hello@usefini.com to get set up within a week!