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The modern BI platform that makes data decisions accessible by everyone

The problem

After interviewing and working with 100+ companies, we understood that the “best” companies, that are “data driven” only have 20-30% of teams who have adopted data. Why?

  1. ⏱ A data project is too long to setup and sometimes requires technical skills (~ 6 months average from ideation to implementation)
  2. 💸 Costs are way too high 200K$ on average for a data project
  3. 🧩 Data tools and BI are poorly connected to business teams workflows and tools (slack, spreadsheet, CRM, etc.) asking an additional effort to consume it
  4. 😿 Data teams are too busy maintaining a stack instead of giving something more self-service tools to their users (business teams, investors, partners, clients, etc.)
  5. 💩 In the end business teams tend to rebuild everything manually with spreadsheets or other tools instead of spending time analyzing the data

So in short, on one hand data leaders spend 80% of their time maintaining a stack and on the other hand, people who need analysis and answers reinvent the wheel manually because they feel underserved.

Welcome to Whaly, the modern platform that helps everyone makes decision-based on data efficiently

So what is Whaly? A platform to help you connect, transform and distribute data easily to everyone

  1. 🔥 Analytics ready data where you need it → connect all your tools (Mktg, CRM, Back end, etc.) and get analytics ready data in minutes and forever (Whaly manages all the schema and updates so you can focus on analyzing your performances
  2. 📊 Adhoc questions and chart creation in a safe environment for business users → business users can access data in a friendly way and build their own analysis, welcome to self service, autonomy and engagement for everyone
  3. ⚒️ Data analysis can be part of every team journey and workflow → Send analysis in slack for CS teams, embed them in your CRM for sales, in your product for your customers, Notions or Clickup for OKR, etc.

🐳 An example of the exploration module and report builder

We’d love to hear from you
If you have questions or are interested in talking about data feel free to reach out at founders@whaly.io or florian@whaly.io we’ll be happy to chat!