DailyBot 🤖 daily stand-ups, automation and chat assistant for work

⚡️ On a mission to provide one-click workflows for team collaboration and productivity via chat

👋 Mauricio and Sergio from @DailyBot here.


DailyBot is a bunch of useful add-ons for your chat platform. Plug it into your chat and make Async Work a breeze for your team:

  • 1- Running async Daily Stand-ups, natively integrated in the chat
  • 2- Cutting unnecessary meetings with more types of recurring check-ins
  • 3- Spreading love and team recognition with DailyBot Kudos
  • 4- Socializing better with watercooler prompts and random 1:1 coffees

And developers can build simple in-chat functions for their day-to-day operations, without the need to learn chat-platform-specific APIs.

Available on Slack, Discord, MS Teams, G Chat.

The problem

Async work is the new way of working for many teams. Most teams use chat in any form with tools like Discord, Slack and others. As chat becomes the main app that workers interact with everyday, it becomes necessary to give it more purposes.

New purposes include workflows like team check-ins, surveys, platform notifications, tools for social engagement, or custom commands to trigger actions.

Creating all this setup is a hustle:

  • 1- You have to use many apps, bots, plugins
  • 2- There is a lot of context switching, management overhead, more subscription fees, and more app fatigue for workers
  • 3- Most bots are not designed for protecting security and privacy

DailyBot is the solution

We are building the first super-bot for your chat. DailyBot comes with a bunch of use cases and features, all-in-one. Some workflows include:

Check-ins: track automatically what your team is up to. You can run async and written updates, agile daily stand-ups, retrospectives, or periodic check-ins like 1:1s.

Kudos: give kudos and celebrate actions that contribute to better team culture. Create rewards and have fun activities with your team based on our leaderboard.

Forms: create all-purpose forms that people can respond to in chat or on the web. Automate vacation requests, recurring feedback forms, and more.

Custom commands: create commands to increase your team’s productivity in less than a minute. Virtual coffees, birthday reminders, watercoolers, pomodoro timers, your own chat-ops and more.

Security by design and SOC2 compliance

Most apps take a lot of permissions to access data from your chat. This becomes concerning when you are using dozens of apps to build your team workflows. We are designing DailyBot as a privacy & security first company.

DailyBot only requests the minimal API permissions from your chat. It can only process messages that are directed to the bot.

We are SOC2 Type II compliant, giving confidence to small and big companies about our work and data management practices.

Join Us!

Get started for free. Go to www.dailybot.com and install DailyBot on your chat (2-min setup). We have a bookface deal for our fellow YC members.

See you on the other side!

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