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DailyBot is a chat AI Assistant and Workflow Automation platform. It takes chat to a new level by providing automation and chat use-cases that are underserved by the current messaging platforms. It helps users get more things done within the chat to be more efficient and save time. The new generation lives in chat. Remote/hybrid teams use DailyBot to automate daily workflows like stand-ups, team check-ins, give kudos to teammates or even to create their own chat-automation for their back-office with no-code/low-code in an environment similar to Amazon Alexa. DailyBot offers numerous add-ons to make the work experience better. DailyBot provides a ChatGPT assistant and a unique AI Workflows tool. Users can build multi-step workflows that use AI to generate content, process information and run actions. DailyBot is cross platform and already available for Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat and Discord. Keywords: chatops chat-ops async nocode assistant workflow automation developer

Team Size:12
Location:Pereira, Colombia

Active Founders

Mauricio Morales

CEO at DailyBot Mauricio has been building internet products for over 15y. MsC and MBA. He has been involved in product management at different startups and helped build tech companies that have scaled rapidly and were acquired. He's lived in 3 countries.

Mauricio Morales
Mauricio Morales

Sergio Florez

CTO at DailyBot — leading and building unique conversational experiences for asynchronous work. Sergio is a computer science engineer, MSc in data science and passionate entrepreneur, with talent and more than 8y of experience building digital businesses. He's in the search of the ideation of disruptive business models as agents of change and success.

Sergio Florez
Sergio Florez

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Hi! We are Mauricio Morales and Sergio Florez, the founders of DailyBot.

DailyBot+ AI is a toolkit for modern work: a ChatGPT Assistant and an AI Workflow automation tool that takes asynchronous work and in-chat collaboration to another level. Compatible with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, or Discord.

The Problem

AI is the future, yes. But many people lack the knowledge and resources to effectively incorporate AI into their daily workflow, resulting in missed opportunities for creating impactful use cases.

Our Solution

DailyBot provides a chat assistant and platform that simplifies the integration of AI into daily workflows. With our technology, anyone can access an AI assistant (ChatGPT) in the work chat, and can also implement use cases that leverage the power of AI.

We provide key building blocks for you to combine and build multiple use cases on top of your chat workspace.

The building blocks of DailyBot are: Check-ins for stand-ups or recurring surveys; Forms for any data collection; Chat Commands for in-chat customization; Workflows for setting up triggers/actions; and the AI engine.

The DailyBot Workflows provide a Zapier-like interface where users can define triggers and actions (one or multiple) that should run.

The Actions can be AI content generation, sending messages (DMs or channels), sending emails, or triggering other building blocks of DailyBot.

A Few Examples

  • You run a Daily Stand-up (built with Check-ins), then, when a blocker is reported, an AI Workflow is run. It analyzes the blocker and then suggests the employee ideas for solving the issue/bocker.
  • You create a Form that will be triggered with the in-chat command named “product release”, when the Form is completed an AI Workflow is run. It analyzes all the content of the release form and generates a press release that is posted into the #releases channel.
  • You create an anonymous survey to monitor team morale. The AI analyzes all the responses and sends a summary to the head of HR (via email or DM).

We're passionate about making remote work easier and more efficient and our goal is to make DailyBot the best companion for your team’s work.

Our Ask:

We’d love to hear your ideas on what type of AI-powered daily workflows (in chat) will add value to your team, feel free to share the feedback at support@dailybot.com

We offer a Free Trial, Try DailyBot here.

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