Pana: Challenger bank for fastest-growing population in the USA 💵📲

Made for the 62M Latinos who have a $1.7T buying power and are mostly underserved 🚀


Banking app for 62M Latinos in the US by a team out of Scotiabank’s Digital Factory & 3 consumer-focused Unicorns


Latinos are all looking for a banking product that speaks to our needs and worries


We’re building a new banking experience that starts by solving key pain-points:

  • Opening a US-Bank account online (linked to a Visa Debit Card) with just a passport instead of having to visit a bank branch with a painful paperwork when lacking an SSN
  • A friendly banking app with Group Chats we can join to lend or borrow money from each other globally instead of relying on Alternative Financial Services or cash
  • Sending remittances in minutes with zero fees vs paying on ave. 6% ($18 for the ave. $300 monthly remittance)


We’ve previously built Digital Banking products for millions of customers in LatAm and have personally lived through the struggles of migrating to the USA.

Now, we’re on a mission to remove financial barriers for Latinos in the USA and we’re doing it with a social approach because we all know that not everyone might need a bank, but everyone needs a Pana (Spanish for pal).

Our ask:

  • Try out Pana & help us spread the word (IG/FB/in/Twitter)
  • Let us know of any business you know whose employees or potential buyers lack a bank account. Our product solves one of their biggest headaches