Cross-border challenger bank for the 62M Hispanics in USA

Pana helps customers open a US bank account online without an SSN, Send remittances to Latam, Europe and Philippines in nearly realtime with the best rates in the market. Lead by the fmr. Head of Digital Banking at Scotiabank for LatAm, and along with co-founder and the rest of the team which comes from Rover, Rappi, and mercado libre, have all personally lived through the struggles of migrating to the USA. Latinos represent the fastest- growing -and one of the most underserved- population in the USA in part because Big Banks are not really interested in this segment or have other priorities. A good product and service like Pana that speaks to our needs and worries is long overdue.

Team Size:14
Location:Winter Garden, FL
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Piero Nunez del Risco

2nd time Fintech founder & Fmr. Head of Digital Banking at Scotiabank for Caribbean and Central America. Throughout the pandemic hired and lead a 130+ team of engineers, designers, and product owners to rebuild a complete mobile and web banking platform for 2M customers in 11 countries. Previously held executive roles at insurance and investment firms

Piero Nunez del Risco
Piero Nunez del Risco

Luis Peña

2nd time fintech founder, former TS Tech Lead @ Rover. +10yrs of experience building software and consumer products. Founded & managed a software factory with several dev. & infra. teams across different time-zones while creating products that impacted +1.5M users.

Luis Peña
Luis Peña

Company Launches


Banking app for 62M Latinos in the US by a team out of Scotiabank’s Digital Factory & 3 consumer-focused Unicorns


Latinos are all looking for a banking product that speaks to our needs and worries


We’re building a new banking experience that starts by solving key pain-points:

  • Opening a US-Bank account online (linked to a Visa Debit Card) with just a passport instead of having to visit a bank branch with a painful paperwork when lacking an SSN
  • A friendly banking app with Group Chats we can join to lend or borrow money from each other globally instead of relying on Alternative Financial Services or cash
  • Sending remittances in minutes with zero fees vs paying on ave. 6% ($18 for the ave. $300 monthly remittance)


We’ve previously built Digital Banking products for millions of customers in LatAm and have personally lived through the struggles of migrating to the USA.

Now, we’re on a mission to remove financial barriers for Latinos in the USA and we’re doing it with a social approach because we all know that not everyone might need a bank, but everyone needs a Pana (Spanish for pal).

Our ask:

  • Try out Pana & help us spread the word (IG/FB/in/Twitter)
  • Let us know of any business you know whose employees or potential buyers lack a bank account. Our product solves one of their biggest headaches