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Tasks + Calendars unified, save up to 2h/day

Hello πŸ‘‹

Nunzio and Sebastiano from Akiflow here!

🚩 The problem: staying organized is hard.

Tasks are scattered around; they come from messaging apps (emails, slack, etc.), project management platforms, video calls, surfing the web, and constantly arise throughout the day. Furthermore, it's difficult to be realistic about how much work you can get done without a calendar that shows how much time you have in a day at work.

✨ The Solution:

Akiflow consolidates tasks in a single inbox from different apps (Gmail, Slack, Todoist, Notion, Asana, Trello, ClickUp, and anything else via Zapier).

It makes it easy to capture tasks via our command bar that can be opened anywhere on the device. The fully functional calendar supports tasks and it’s built for time blocking giving you a comprehensive view of your day/week.

Our command bar

Timezone support and Share Availability

Booking Slots

Notifications and Agenda

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🎞️ Our story

When we started Akiflow, we build a way to quickly add information to different tools.

It was a command bar, similar to Alfred, that allowed users to add events to the calendar or create tasks on Asana, Trello, etc.

We soon realized that all we were doing was speeding up people's attempts to manage their own subpar productivity system.

The ultimate goal of our users was to maintain constant organization by keeping everything in one place. Since they were unable to find an app that could assist them in doing so, they were trying to speed up the process of consolidating information manually.

That’s why we decided to pivot and build a unified tasks + calendars app. We built integrations (via APIs) with multiple sources of to-dos (Gmail, Slack, Asana, etc..).

We developed a full calendar experience, added shortcuts and a command bar (we kind of had this ready from Akiflow #1), and added a few features to accelerate routine tasks (join a call, share availability, ..)

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