Two Dots

Two Dots - Income & Employment Verification for Lenders

Two Dots is making it easy for underwriters, starting with large apartment managers, to make sure applicants make enough money to afford their products (like apartment rentals)

The Problem

Traditionally when a consumer wants to borrow money, take out a mortgage, or rent an apartment, they need to provide the underwriter with a bunch of financial documents to prove they can afford the product.  This is a time consuming & fraud ridden process!

Our Solution

To solve this problem we’re first automating the process of verifying income and employment data for large property managers. Over time we plan to integrate with many data sources so payroll data can be seamlessly used to make better & faster underwriting decisions by any financial institution.

Who We Are

I started my career working at Goldman for 4 years, before making the jump to startup-land as the 4th employee at a proptech startup, where we processed online rental applications.  Seeing up close how broken the income verification process is, and how broken the overall way underwriters decide who gets access to housing (credit scores), lead us to realize there’s a better way.

Max started his career as one of the first engineers on the income verification team at Blend, spending years working on this problem before making the jump to work on search at Google.  After experiencing both the excitement of being early at a rapidly scaling startup (Blend is now public), and the mega-scale of search at Google, Max and I decided we were the team to tackle the broken consumer underwriting system.

How You Can Help

Our biggest focus today is getting more customers, so if you know anyone managing thousands of rental properties we would love an intro!