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tl;dr Coverage Cat finds the best insurance for YOUR risk profile, free. Most people with a net worth of over $100,000 buy the wrong insurance. We fix that, for free, and save our users an average of $550/yr.

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Don’t spend another minute on calls for insurance quotes or figuring out if you bought the right policy: we do it for you, and get you the best policy for your needs.

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👋 We’re Max & Gabriel, co-founders of Coverage Cat.

Opportunity: Insurance - An essential product, often poorly purchased

Insurance is an all-time great financial innovation. It represents a way for people to pool and mitigate significant risks when events have shaken out for the worst.

But the way insurance is been bought and sold has generated a mismatch between the protection from risk that insurance products SHOULD provide. This forces tens of thousands of people to go bankrupt every year from risks that could be properly insured– Often while overpaying for insurance that doesn't protect them from catastrophic risks.

Problem: Insurance is complicated

The web of carriers, brokers, contracts, and claims that ensure your risks are properly handled can be an absolute nightmare for people who just want to feel like the things that are important to them are protected.

The Solution: A one-step process to find the best insurance

We collect information on how much you feel comfortable losing, in addition to more standard insurance questions. Coverage Cat then searches across insurance carriers, big and small, to find the policies and prices best suited to your needs. We’re starting with home, auto, renters, and umbrella insurance. We’ll adapt to your coverage preferences, but broadly recommend catastrophic-only insurance. If you’re in CA, FL, NY, TX, or WA we’d appreciate your business, and we’d love to save you money!

Cheers, Max & Gabriel 🐱