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We get software engineers onboarded and promoted faster

tl;dr: Your career growth shouldn’t depend on your ability to find a good mentor or manager. Taro brings together top SWEs with proven insights to scale your career. Check out our website and YouTube channel.

Taro helps full-time engineers get onboarded and promoted faster. We do this through Q&A and case studies from tech veterans, organized by company and level.

⛔️ The Problem

As a software engineer, you already know how to code. But software engineering is so much more than coding.

Over the last 2 years, Alex and I built a community of 50K software engineers on YouTube, Slack, and LinkedIn. We talked to hundreds of engineers and found that their career bottleneck was not their coding ability, but how effectively they managed projects, understood the context, and communicated blockers.

Left to right:

📱 Alex has mentored dozens of engineers to Senior+ levels across his time at Meta and Robinhood.

🎓 Rahul has taught thousands of engineers through his role as a Stanford lecturer, LinkedIn Learning instructor, and YouTube creator.

What separates an average engineer from a great engineer is the ability to independently create business impact, and that doesn’t get taught in a CS degree or a bootcamp. Taro fills the gap.

💡 Our Solution

  1. A Q&A database from real engineers, with answers from industry experts. All questions are tagged by company + level, which makes it easy to find relevant content. Here’s a sample.
  2. Case studies from eng leads + managers at top tech companies.
  3. A community of software engineers at top companies who share insights + advice.

💁🏽‍♀️ Target Audience

We already have 100+ Taro Premium members from companies like Meta, Google, TikTok, and Amazon (along with thousands of free users).

Taro is a great fit for full time engineers at fast-moving tech companies. Taro is not a good fit for freelancers or students who are still exploring software engineering.

❓Our Ask

  1. Reach out if you’re an engineer starting a new role, or are aiming for a promotion.
  2. Tell us what upskilling products you’ve used for engineers!

Shoot us an email at team@jointaro.com — our app is available for web, Android, and iOS at https://joinTaro.com.