Pilot AI

Pilot AI - turns your sales calls into CRM data, automatically

Never update a CRM record again - turns every sales calls into detailed notes and structured data that updates your CRM directly.

tl;dr Pilot produces detailed notes and field updates that directly update the CRM after every sales call. For reps, this eliminates hours of admin work a week spent reviewing calls and updating the CRM (instead of selling). For sales leaders, this is the only way to ensure that high-quality data is produced and logged from every sales call.

Hi everyone, I’m Max - the founder of Pilot AI.

I’ve previously worked as a software engineer at Salesforce, built and scaled Tech & Product at Clipboard Health (W17), and then built out Revenue Operations at Welcome (S20), where it was my job to chase down sales reps every week to update Salesforce. Our reps could spend two hours a day going back through calls to take detailed notes and update the CRM - they all complained loudly about it, and they could have spent that time selling more.

Pilot frees up all of this wasted time through automation and makes it possible to maintain a clean CRM that can be used to produce accurate forecasts.

What’s the problem?

Salespeople can spend 25% of their day writing up notes and updating the CRM, which they could spend generating more revenue. Every salesperson despises this part so much that frequently, they just don’t do it. This causes numerous problems including making deals difficult to review, handoffs impossible and forecasting inaccurate.

The Solution?

Stop relying on salespeople to take notes and update the CRM.

Pilot is an AI assistant that generates detailed notes and structured data that call that updates the CRM for every call. The notes are easy to read and don’t include the rambling, small talk and pauses of the conversation but instead capture the most important points.

Form every conversation, Pilot produces:

  1. A scannable summary
  2. Datapoints that map to CRM fields
  3. Every question asked by the rep and the most important parts of the prospect's answer
  4. Additional essential points that the prospect made during the call

We'd love to hear from you!

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If you’re thinking of a sales leader that this would help, we’d love an intro! max@getpilot.ai

We’re always interested in talking to reps as well; send me an email if you’d like to use Pilot!