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Pilot AI

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Turns your sales calls into CRM data, automatically.

Pilot AI is a tool for sales representatives which automatically turns call recordings into structured information that directly updates the CRM. Instead of spending hours going over call recordings to pull out key information to populate the CRM, sales representatives can focus their time doing what they do best and sales leaders can rest assured that pipeline data is up to date.

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Pilot AI - turns your sales calls into CRM data, automatically

Never update a CRM record again - turns every sales calls into detailed notes and structured data that updates your CRM directly.
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Pilot AI
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Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Max Lu

After spending several years scaling the tech and product org as engineer #1 at a YC unicorn, Max (CEO) built out revenue operations as an early employee at another hypergrowth YC company where he experienced the sales team’s bemoaning of administrative work firsthand as he chased them down to update Salesforce. All the while, he personally experienced the pain of producing forecasts with their inevitably incomplete CRM data. Pilot AI is the solution that sales and leadership wished for.