Lumo 🏬 - Residential building manager in Europe with automated operations

We help residential buildings with real time updates and more transparency on their spend

Hey everyone 👋 We’re Miquel and Dani, co-founders of Lumo.

Lumo is a Residential Building manager in Europe with automated operations.

In Europe, if you own an apartment in a building you are probably part of a Homeowners’s Association (HOA). HOAs hire building managers to take care of operations, accounting and taxes.

What’s wrong with building managers?

The average experience for apartment owners is very poor. Managers are traditional small businesses using little technology, resulting in slow response times to incidents and low transparency. It’s a local, fragmented industry with no differentiation, and buildings stay very long with their existing managers for lack of a better option.

What’s worse, because managers spend a lot of time working on tedious, repetitive tasks, they have less time to find improvement opportunities for the buildings they manage such as government subsidies for renovations, solar projects, cost savings, etc. It’s more like “keeping the lights on” and less like coaching the team to do better.

How is Lumo different?

By automating back-office operations like accounting, taxes and incident management, Lumo is able to provide buildings with fast response as well as real time information of their building, allowing them to understand their real expenses and the status of their requests.

Thanks to technology, we are able to scale the business, which allows us to negotiate with service providers of the buildings, increasing service quality and saving owners money.


Miquel and Dani are technical co-founders (CS and Aerospace) from the top engineering school in Spain.

Miquel was previously a Product Manager at Youtube where he launched Shopping on Youtube. Prior to that he was a PM at Skyscanner. He also founded the largest student hackathon in Europe with 1600 participants per year.

Dani previously founded a software import business with $5M in annual sales where he automated a heavily manual cross border tax and accounting operation - very similar to what Lumo is automating.

Our Ask

Are you an apartment owner in Europe? We’d love to hear about your experience with your building manager. Drop us a line at founders@lumo.homes