HOA manager with automated operations

Aldara is a modern, efficient HOA manager. We achieve that by automating back-office and operations with our in-house technology. Currently operating only in Spain.

Jobs at Aldara

Barcelona, CT, ES
€45K - €60K EUR
0.20% - 0.50%
3+ years
Team Size:10
Location:Barcelona, Spain
Group Partner:Gustaf Alstromer

Active Founders

Daniel Carmona

Aerospace engineer. Previously founded a software import business with $15M in annual sales, automating a heavily manual cross border tax and accounting operation - very similar to the problems that we have to solve at Aldara.

Daniel Carmona
Daniel Carmona

Company Launches

Tl;dr: Aldara is a fast, transparent, and proactive manager for your community of homeowners. For the more involved owners, we give them full control over financials and real-time updates on incidents and news. For the less involved, they can forget about everything and still have a say, thanks to our support for online voting and meetings through video calls.

Hi everyone, we are Dani (CEO) and Dani (CTO), and we are on a mission to become the one-stop solution for homeowners, starting with the specific problem of managing their community (the Homeowners Association).

💣 The problem: Interacting with the HOA sucks

If you own an apartment or a house in a housing complex, you need to split expenses with the rest of the owners for things such as utilities, insurance, or maintenance of common areas.

Collecting payments from the owners, paying providers, submitting taxes when applicable, and keeping track of incidents is very painful, so HOAs hire a manager.

Nobody trusts their HOA manager: hidden fees, slow response times, and non-existent proactivity.

🎉 The solution: One stop for your HOA needs

Aldara is the modern version of an HOA manager. As digital as the owners want us to be, we take care of everything and you can rest assured that things will happen smoothly.

  • ⚡Speed: Our centralized customer support has SLAs of hours instead of days (working to make it become seconds), and thanks to our structured data, anyone in the team can solve incidents.
  • 🗣️Communication: We update owners about everything through their favorite contact methods: email, WhatsApp, and even postal card (also automated). The elevator was broken and we just fixed it? We will keep you updated in real-time about the status.
  • 🔎 Transparency: We operate as a neobank for the HOA, which allows us to automate accounting and show balances and expenses in real-time instead of once a year.
  • 💰Savings: HOAs spend a lot of money. Thanks to our integrations with curated providers, we can save HOAs money on recurrent expenses while providing a better service.

🚀 Futuristic Vision: Harnessing AI to Revolutionize Real Estate Services

At Aldara, we're not just about managing homeowners' associations today; we're shaping the future of real estate services by solving complex human interactions within a specific context. Our core strength lies in our exceptional tech talent and our commitment to leveraging the power of AI, which is already transforming how we operate and interact with our communities.

👋 How you can help

  • Are you part of an HOA and would like to share your experience? Let us know.
  • Try our demo here and let us know what you think.
  • Do you know a property owner in Spain? Connect us!

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