Serinus Biosciences

Serinus Biosciences: Killing cancer with its own genetics 💪🏽

We develop drugs effective against multiple types of cancer... and we do it really fast! 🏃🏽

We're Adam and Max, the founders of Serinus Biosciences 💊💻🤓

At Serinus, we develop drugs that are effective against multiple types of cancer, and because cancer patients need solutions now, we do it in months instead of years!

Cancer: an insidious disease with insidious economics 💰💰💰

Currently, more than 80% of cancer patients are not eligible for targeted cancer therapies - the most efficient and least toxic cancer treatments. Why? Because the proteins driving cancer in one patient are often different than those driving cancer in another patient.

Here's where the economics comes in. The cost of bringing a new cancer drug to market is currently >$2.5 BILLION. Developing a drug against a protein that only causes cancer in a small number of patients each year is just not economically viable with traditional drug development.

The Serinus Strategy 💡

While building AI tools to understand the causes of cancer during our PhDs at MIT, we had a realization: all the different cancer-causing proteins disrupt the same cellular systems. We shut down these shared dysfunctional systems.

How? We look for the support proteins that keep the system functioning. Think about a telephone system ☎️ If you want to bring it down, you should find the small number of relay stations that route messages across the network instead of hitting the individual phones. We find the relay stations of cancer cells and bring them down ☠️☠️☠️

Since cancer systems are widely shared across patients, the relays that support those systems are widely shared across patients. Our current pipeline could help more than 100K PATIENTS PER-YEAR!

The knowledge (and stubbornness) to get it done 🤓 😎

We met on the very first day of our PhDs at MIT. It was a cancer-fighting match made in heaven. Adam comes from an AI/ML background, Max comes from a biology and statistics background, having given up his place in medical school so he could develop new treatments for patients in need by merging biology, mathematics, and computer science.

Oh, and did we mention that Adam is a former Navy SEALs commander and Max spent five years as a paramedic.

How can you help?

Our platform is churning out way more ways to kill cancer than we can pursue ourselves. If you or someone you know works at another therapeutics company that might be interested in co-developing a drug with us, give us a shout on founders@serinus.bio