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Serinus Biosciences

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Hitting multiple cancers with a single therapeutic

Serinus Bio is redefining precision in cancer therapeutics. Founded by MIT PhDs and supported by top investors, Serinus Bio is targeting the most pressing problem of cancer therapeutics – clinical translation. We design technology to determine how molecules function inside each tumor cell. By leveraging knowledge-primed models and cutting-edge cancer biology we are creating a new generation of AI for drug discovery. Our technology enables the development of drugs that work across a wide range of patient populations, override resistance mechanisms, and enable combinations by design.

Jobs at Serinus Biosciences

New York, NY, US / Remote (US)
$120 - $150
0.40% - 1.00%
6+ years

Company Launches

Serinus Biosciences: Killing cancer with its own genetics 💪🏽

We develop drugs effective against multiple types of cancer... and we do it really fast! 🏃🏽
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Serinus Biosciences
Team Size:2
Location:New York

Active Founders

Maxwell Sherman, CTO

After five years as a paramedic, Max left clinical medicine to develop new treatments for the millions of patients without access to effective medications. He studied applied math and biology at Brown University, statistics at Cambridge University, and is completing his PhD in computational biology at MIT. His research has appeared in prestigious journals including Science, Nature Biotechnology, and Nature Neuroscience and has been recognized with national and international awards.

Adam Yaari, CEO

As an Israeli Navy SEAL team leader, Adam witnessed the need for modern medicine firsthand. In his academic trajectory, Adam developed ML models to best fit the complexity of medicine. He completed his double major BSc in CS and neuroscience at Bar-Ilan University, MSc in CS and mathematics at the Weizmann Institute, and PhD in CS and biotechnology at MIT. He also pursued his entrepreneurial passion as the Co-Founder of an ML company - Empirical, and as an Ideation Fellow at Flagship Pioneering.