Locale 🍕 The Affordable Food Discovery Platform

The most popular eateries across America for retail prices and $5 overnight shipping

Hi everyone, we’re Jonathan and Chris. We met in high school and we’re co-founders of Locale. We’re very excited to share the launch of nationwide shipping of America’s best eateries with you.

How We Started:

We started with local delivery in the Bay Area, expanded to Los Angeles and San Diego. At the same time, we saw an overwhelming demand from customers across the country.

What We’re Launching:

Locale lets you order food from the most popular eateries across America for only $5 overnight shipping regardless where you live. Want to try Pizzana’s famous Cacio e Pepe pizza from LA? It’s $23 in store and the equally delicious frozen version is $23 on Locale.

How It Works:

We’re able to do this by purchasing frozen products from the top restaurants that they’re able to produce during their restaurant’s downtime. The minimum order is just $60. There’s so much good food on Locale that we’re confident you’ll have no problem hitting it.

Would love for you to try us out and let me know your thoughts! We’re offering you $20 off with code YC20 —> www.shoplocale.com/nationwide