🧊 IcePanel - Collaborative system design; linked with reality

A lightweight visual approach to modelling software architecture, linked with resources in the real world.


Communication of software systems is hard, visuals help but often lack consistency and are out-of-date within weeks.

IcePanel is a SaaS tool for tech teams to collaborate on their software architecture design.

👋 Who are we?

Hey all, we’re Victor and Jacob, the founders of 🧊 IcePanel.

🤬 Problem

Software teams currently use generic diagramming tools to communicate complex systems.

  • Software systems are becoming increasingly complex and are hard to explain.
  • Technical teams often find it challenging to tell the right story and gain alignment.
  • Technical diagrams are inconsistent, lack context and drift from reality - becoming out-of-date in a matter of weeks.
  • Engineering and product teams are often misaligned, especially in technical areas.

💩 Bad communication across teams is time-consuming and expensive.

🚀 Our solution

Help humans visually communicate complex systems; linked to resources in reality.

1️⃣ Modelling

  • IcePanel is a collaborative modelling tool, that provides a single source of truth with reusable objects and relationships, keeping your diagrams in sync and up-to-date with changes.

2️⃣ Consistent language

  • IcePanel is built upon the C4 model, a lightweight layered approach designed for technical and non-technical audiences. This brings consistency to visual & verbal communication about software architecture.

3️⃣ Linked to reality

  • IcePanel objects can be linked to resources in reality, such as files in Git, that flag as out-of-date if they no longer exist.

🫣 Sneak peek

Levelled diagramming

Dynamic flows

Want to see more? Head over to IcePanel!

🙌 Our ask

  • Try us out for free & let us know your feedback
  • Connect us with engineering teams who struggle to fully understand their systems
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