🔥 Blaze - Grow and manage your Discord community

Introducing Blaze, the next-gen community growth tool

Hi, we’re Lauren and Chirag, the co-founders of Blaze, the next-gen community growth tool.


Companies today are increasingly using community channels like Discord to engage and retain their customers, but companies struggle to quantify the ROI of community efforts, leverage community data in marketing, and manage community channels at scale in an efficient way.

How we help

We help companies who leverage Discord to:

  • Establish community KPIs and measure community and marketing campaign performance
  • Understand and segment your members
  • Monitor community sentiment and extract product feedback

Try us out

If you have a Discord community that you need better analytics for, we’d love to chat! You can grab a time for a demo here: https://calendly.com/blaze-ai/blaze-demo-community. And best of all, you can get started for free today!