◻️ clearspace: eliminate compulsive phone use forever

we make your phone less addicting

phones are both mission-critical tools and weapons-grade distractions

enter clearspace

the clearspace iPhone app intercepts and regulates your social media app experiences so that you don’t lose time to impulse opens and doom scrolls.

dopamine-driven app experiences establish addictive user behaviors. clearspace is designed to help you keep your usage in line with your intention.

how it works:

stimulus-response buffer - mandatory 15-second exercise before every social app open. we’ve tried everything, and this is what actually changes behavior.

session lengths - tell us how long you want to use an app, and we yank you out at the end. never get lost in the scroll again.

gamification (the good kind) - build your digital weight loss streak as you refrain from wasting your life on attention parasites.

team (oliver and royce):

we started building clearspace because we needed it. we felt our devices encroaching on the moments that mattered to us most, and set out to build the solution that this problem deserves.

how to get started:

1) download clearspace for iOS

2) try our chrome extension [beta]

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