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Group Partner:Jared Friedman

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royce branning

cofounder & ceo clearspace

royce branning
royce branning

oliver hill

cofounder & cto clearspace https://oliverhill.xyz

oliver hill
oliver hill

Company Launches

Clearspace is an iPhone app that makes your phone less addicting. Here’s how it generally works:

  1. You tell Clearspace what apps/websites you want to use less
  2. Clearspace requires you to do something to unlock them

This turns out to be incredibly effective for habit change - we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of users, most cut their screen time in half permanently by adding a time buffer before using their addicting apps.

Today we’re rolling out a new mode within Clearspace, one that requires you to do pushups to unlock your apps. Every pushup you do earns a minute of scrolling, which you can use now or save for later.

Along the way we’re pretty sure we built the best pushup detection in the world. Here’s what it looks like

Why we built this:

Changing our habits requires changing our environment. And even though we’re spending more of our lives online, our tools for changing our digital environments are incredibly limited. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you set up a digital environment that is aligned with your goals rather than big tech’s bottom line.

Some ways we allow you to create your ideal digital environment:

  • Create scheduled windows where you can freely access apps, (or they’re blocked entirely)
  • Write notes to yourself that you’ll see before every app open
  • Build your streak each day you stay under your scrolling budget
  • Add accountability partners who get notified if you break your budget or delete Clearspace.
  • Turn off social feeds entirely on the web
  • Walk or run to open your apps (as measured by Apple Health)

Get started on iOS here

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