Bluebirds - Resell to past customers who switched jobs

Sign up and Bluebirds will automatically identify champions using Machine Learning, detect job changes, and deliver hundreds of warm leads ranked by your ICP. Oh, and it's free.


  • What: Bluebirds helps outbound teams resell to past customers who have switched jobs. Past customers are 4x more likely to convert to Closed / Won deals with much faster sales cycles. It’s low hanging fruit and flies under the radar because of stale CRM data and workflow limitations.
  • How: Any sales rep, manager, or rev ops can sign up on www.bluebirds.com and Bluebirds will automatically identify champions using Machine Learning, detect job changes, and deliver hundreds of warm leads ranked by your ICP.
  • Traction: Revenue teams at scale-ups like Front, OneSignal, and a dozen more use Bluebirds to track their customer job changes and maximize outbound efficiency.
  • Ask: Sign up, or refer any sales teams, and we’ll deliver 100 free warm leads.

Problem and why existing solutions don’t work

Outbound sales isn’t working like it used to. Conversions rates have tanked because every sales team is using the same tech stack to spam buyer inboxes, and sales leaders are under pressure from their CEOs and Boards to grow efficiently. But most of the outbound sales process is not efficient at all.

Luckily there’s one sales play that works exceptionally well – reselling to your past customers who already trust your company and switched jobs. These leads, AKA “blue birds”, are your sales teams’ favorite. They’re layups, but also painfully difficult to track at scale.

Existing solutions like LinkedIn Sales Navigator aren’t deeply connected to your CRM. They don’t know who your customers are or what your ICP is, and rely on manual / brittle filters that break once you have over ~100 customers. The result is that most of your reps just aren’t tracking customer job changes.

Yet 10% to 20% of your CRM contacts have already switched jobs, and 1 to 2% switch every month.

This 👏 Is 👏 ARR 👏 Left 👏 On 👏 The 👏 Table 👏

How Bluebirds works

What used to take reps hours to hack in Sales Navigator now happens automatically with 2 clicks and runs continuously in the background. Oh, and it’s free to get started. Here’s how:

  • Sign Up: Anyone (Founders, VPs, Managers, AEs, SDRs, Sales Ops, etc.) can sign up on our website and log in via SFDC secure authentication.
  • Find Champions: Our algorithms will find which contacts in your CRM are likely to buy your product again.
  • Match Identities: We’ll match your sparse contacts to public identities (i.e. john@hotmail is John Smith at Airtable) and check if they’ve switched jobs.
  • Deliver Leads: Finally we’ll rank all the leads based on similarity to your ICP and send them to you, along with monthly updates with any fresh job changes.

Why us

Kunal and I are well-versed with contact data and building AI systems to solve sales problems. I used to work in Sales Operations and Product at LinkedIn. Kunal was an AI Director at LinkedIn & Google, founding AI engineer at RelateIQ (sold to Salesforce), and earned his PhD in Machine Learning.

How you can help

  • Intros to sales managers and leaders at companies with at least a few hundred customers (usually Series B onwards). For sales orgs that fit what we’re looking for, we’ll offer free leads a no-brainer deal (seriously).
  • Share our website with sales reps or relevant communities and ask them to sign up! We’ll hook them up with leads to hit their quota.

If you have any questions or can make intros, my email is rohan@bluebirds.ai