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tldr; Noya turns UI ideas into designs & code in just a few minutes. Built by former Airbnb Design Tools team members, Noya is a new kind of design tool that enables product teams of any size to fully leverage the advantages of design systems. Try it here: noya.io

About us

Hi everyone! My cofounder David and I were the Design Tools team at Airbnb, after they acquired our previous design tools startup. We pioneered internal tools and processes that the award-winning Airbnb design team used when designing web and mobile apps.

At Airbnb’s scale, it made sense to have an in-house design tools team. But we realized that companies of all sizes could benefit from a better design process that’s tailored to their product, so we created a new tool that brings the benefits of an in-house design tools team to every company.

The Problem

There’s always a tricky tradeoff between working in low-fidelity wireframes vs. high-fidelity mockups when working on a product idea. Working in low-fidelity allows for quick iteration while hammering out the big picture, but people often have a hard time imagining the final product. Because of this, teams frequently jump to high-fidelity and stop using wireframes too early, which slows down progress dramatically as they spend an excessive amount of time perfecting unimportant details.

Personally, there have been many times where I’ve needed to create a high-fidelity mockup or a React prototype to really explain my idea to another engineer. I spent hours designing and coding just to communicate the idea, only for it to be scrapped when we changed direction right after.

Our solution: Noya

Noya is a new kind of design tool that provides the advantages of both low-fidelity and high-fidelity design.

With Noya, you build your project with wireframes, while the tool automatically generates a high-fidelity output in real time. It works by mapping low-fidelity blocks into high-fidelity design system and React components. We currently support one open-source design system (Chakra UI), but plan to expand with more choices (MUI, etc), including the option to import your company’s existing design system.

Here’s a quick demo video:



Our Professional plan is $8.40/month (that’s 30% off!) if you subscribe before Demo Day, and includes:

  • Unlimited projects & blocks
  • 3,000 AI-generations/month
  • Access to premium templates
  • React code export
  • Premium support

We also offer an enterprise plan for companies that want to import their existing design system. If you’re looking to improve your company’s design process and you have a React component library, get in touch: founders@noyasoftware.com

Our ask

  1. We’d love for you to try using noya.io to design your next idea!
  2. Share this post with founders, designers, PMs, and engineers in your network who might be interested!
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Feel free to reach out to us anytime via the Noya Discord or email: founders@noyasoftware.com