Orchid – The most efficient EHR for independent mental health professionals

We help mental health professionals automate and streamline their admin workflows.

Tl;dr: Orchid is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for independent mental health professionals that saves clinicians’ time, money, and frustration. We do this by integrating core administrative workflows, streamlining clinical processes, and automating manual flows. Altogether, Orchid practitioners reclaim ~500+ hours of their time spent on administrative work, with the potential to save $11B in healthcare costs annually.

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The Problem

Did you know that mental health professionals spend more time on their EHR than they do with their patients? In fact, they lose 500 hours a year by clicking around terrible infrastructure and as a result the healthcare industry loses $11 billion annually.

Mental health clinicians face the following set of challenges:

  1. Subpar EHR solutions cost mental health clinicians ~1,500 hours/year
  2. This admin time detracts from time spent with patients, translating into $10,000+ of lost revenue per clinician
  3. Lost revenue and less time with patients leads to stress and ultimately to clinician burnout

No wonder it’s so hard to find a therapist these days, and it all starts with clunky software!

At Orchid we believe the path to helping those seeking mental health care runs through helping mental health clinicians. We need to figure out an affordable way to buy back the time of these mental health professionals because every hour wasted is an hour not spent addressing the mountain of unmet demand in this market and results in billions wasted for our healthcare industry.

The Solution

Enter Orchid. We are an affordable EHR that seamlessly integrates the core functions of running a mental healthcare practice.

Imagine an all-in-one platform that automates scheduling, billing, insurance credentialing, analytics, telehealth, and note-taking. By doing this we reclaim 500 hours of each provider annually, and we potentially save the healthcare industry 11 billion dollars.

Orchid not only helps clinicians improve the mental health outcomes of their patients but also alleviates the supply-demand imbalance in the mental healthcare market by enabling clinicians to spend more time both onboarding new patients and focusing on their current patient roster.

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Make the world a better place

If you or anyone in your network might be interested in learning more or helping out, we would love to chat.  We're especially interested in talking with:

  • Health insurance companies (payors), especially those interested in expanding their mental health offerings, in increasing their members’ access to mental healthcare, in decreasing their costs through efficient operations, and in improving their quality of care. We have hundreds of vetted clinicians implementing measurement-based care.
  • Independent mental health professionals: therapists, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists, even if they’re currently not in the market for a new EHR. You can also ask them to sign up for a quick 15-minute demo.
  • Nonprofits with an interest in supporting mental health

We can be reached at founders@orchid.health

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