PromptLoop: AI with a simple spreadsheet formula

Access powerful AI Language Models inside an Excel and Google Sheets formula

Hey everyone, we are PromptLoop, and we make it possible to leverage powerful AI language models inside Excel and Google Sheets!

TLDR: PromptLoop provides on-demand access to AI language models for analyzing, formatting, and generating text in spreadsheets. Customize and chain together models to create marketing copy, analyze sales data, and scale up working with language - all with the convenience of a familiar spreadsheet interface.

🤔 The Problem:

Data-driven teams know that working with text in spreadsheets is cumbersome and time-consuming. They also know that exporting a CSV and sorting rows is the fastest way to accomplish goals quickly.

Spreadsheets work well because every business is different, but they weren’t designed for unstructured text data that is the lifeblood of effective Sales and Marketing teams.

💡 The Solution:

⚡ Powerful AI Language Models inside Excel and Google Sheets

PromptLoop formulas only require 3-5 examples to understand and answer an infinite number of questions. Select a few rows of input and output pairs, and the model will take care of the rest!

PromptLoop provides dependable and scalable access to dozens of AI language models with a simple formula. Teams use our platform to build spreadsheet models that streamline workflows for more output with fewer people, all in a customizable and accessible interface.

With dozens of templates and video guides to get you started and resources for E-commerce, Ed-tech, and Digital Marketing teams, it's never been easier to stay ahead of the field and future-proof your operations with the best technology available. PromptLoop provides immense value across any vertical that uses spreadsheets.

Examples of what teams are building with PromptLoop:

  • 🏷️ 90% time saved labeling and bucketing market data to prioritize where to focus
  • 📈 Generate pages of marketing copy customized to match your existing content
  • 🛍️ Draft thousands of E-commerce listings with a few clicks
  • 👍 Translate customer feedback and demo requests to accelerate deal flow
  • 🍏 Create custom educational content in 1/10 the time without publishers

Whether you are a small business with ambitious growth goals this year or a large enterprise that wants to build on your market advantage - PromptLoop is the perfect solution.

Since we launched last year, we have emphasized reliability and performance at scale for hundreds of companies and thousands of users that need dependable and measurable results.

Organizations can start with Google or Microsoft 365 single-sign-on inside Excel and Google Sheets and deploy custom AI models organization-wide with a simple web interface.

💪 Why Us?

Before PromptLoop, our founder, Peter, taught the Excel course at EY and got his start programming while developing algorithm-backed spreadsheet models for a quantitative trading fund.

We take pride in dependability and top-tier support. This includes a wealth of video and written tutorials, a community support group, and a team that is constantly updating and improving our models dozens of times a week.

We want to empower teams to build on their industry advantage using their data and allow them to customize how they use AI in this fast-evolving landscape.

🙏 Our Ask

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