AI for market research and analysis on spreadsheets

PromptLoop brings AI data analysis to everyday spreadsheet users, turning complex tasks like web scraping and text processing into straightforward functions or a simple file drag-and-drop system. Its clear-cut approach means investors, researchers, and businesses can enrich and add to their datasets without the steep learning curve, making meaningful analysis more accessible. This straightforward tool supports informed decision-making by simplifying data enrichment and market research, creating value for its users without the typical hassle.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

Peter Mangan

I'm building PromptLoop to be the platform for all spreadsheet users to use AI models in a way that is flexible, easy to verify, and able to drive quick insights from any tabular data. I grew up as the second of six kids outside Buffalo NY and like many of you love building, learning, and pushing boundaries on what's considered normal. I'm a former consultant and enjoy spending free time (when I had it before PromptLoop) Kiteboarding, painting, reading or just enjoying a sunny walk around town.

Company Launches

Hello everyone! We're Peter and Andrew, co-founders of PromptLoop, launching our powerful new AI platform to empower you to automate and optimize your data tasks. Specifically designed to cater to investors, consultants, and those involved in extensive online research or web scraping.


PromptLoop lets you create AI data automations and run them effortlessly on thousands of rows from a spreadsheet. Create tasks to pull formatted data from websites, categorize research, and find insights needed to filter and act on your research. PromptLoop helps fast-moving teams create accurate, visible, and flexible AI web-enabled research tasks easily, saving 80%+ on outsourced services and allowing for insights and data your competitors do not have.

๐Ÿšง The Challenge

No matter if you are an investor scouting for potential acquisition targets, a consultant supporting a market study, or a business owner looking to up the bar on your company data inputs, there are common roadblocks:

  • Tedious manual data collection
  • Time-consuming and erroneous manual web scraping
  • The need to filter a large list down to relevant targets
  • Difficulty in processing and unraveling insights from the collected data
  • Missing columns that need enrichment
  • Small company data is hard to find or stale

While this is easy for a small amount of data, scaling this to 1000s of websites quickly becomes untenable. We have conservatively estimated it takes a human 1 minute to open, read, and extract information from a site. That would be seven days to get through 10k sites.

๐Ÿš€ Our Solution

PromptLoop lets you create and use automation like AI web scraping in your existing workflow. Taking spreadsheets of inputs, simple instructions, and getting reliable results in record time. Automate and streamline your data tasks without leaving your spreadsheet or with our drag and drop file tool. Our AI-enabled tools facilitate:

โœ… Automated Data Tasks: Use our Autoloop feature to schedule and automate AI data automations on every row of a dataset. Completing the tens of thousands of data enrichment and AI operations in under an hour, with the results emailed to you.

โœ… Custom Tasks: Tailor our AI models to extract insights, enrich data, and generate custom reports. Examples include:

  • Classifying websites/companies into specific categories
  • Content summarization
  • Determining whether a company x provides a service y
  • Extracting a company's customers or their target customers for lead enrichment.
  • Determining the number of reviews and locations, providing data points on estimated size.

โœ… Spreadsheet Integration: Apply AI functions directly to your Excel and Google Sheets data, allowing real-time analysis and streamlining your workflow.

๐Ÿ”„ Drag and Drop Data Enrichment and Custom Tasks

Autoloop is our automation feature that handles your repetitive data processing tasks. You can read more about Autoloop here.

Itโ€™s time to stop using the same data sets everyone else has access to. Custom Tasks offer flexibility by creating AI-driven automation tailored to your distinct business needs. Whether it's web scraping, analyzing data, or curating custom datasets, Custom Tasks adapt rapidly to meet your objectives. Learn more about Custom Tasks here.

๐Ÿ” Seamless Spreadsheet Integration

We bridge the gap between Google Sheets, Excel, and AI, allowing you to directly apply complex AI functions like text categorization, data extraction, and content generation onto your spreadsheet.

๐Ÿ‘‹ Our Ask

Connect with us on LinkedIn and share with anyone who yearns for automated and insightful data tasks.

Finally, if you have a few minutes to chat about PromptLoop, please book a slot with us directly here. We're eager to understand your needs and show you how PromptLoop can revolutionize your data tasks.

With PromptLoop, let's put AI tools to work on your spreadsheet data - Start for free today.

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