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Mozart Data Sonata - we set up and maintain world-class data infrastructure (ELT & Warehousing) for FREE

Every company should have the ability to use a Modern Data Stack from the start

tl;dr: We set up and manage your data warehouse (Snowflake), extract and load your data (Fivetran), and provide you a layer for transformation so that you can clean and organize your data before visualizing it (in your favorite tool). If you have startup data volumes and you want a free solution that sets up in less than an hour with no data engineering needed, you can do this with the Mozart Data Sonata package. Signup for FREE!

We’re Dan & Pete, co-founders of Mozart Data, and the other maestros on the Mozart team.

🧠 Dan is the CTO and a product-oriented software engineer, with expertise in user experience, data engineering, and data science. He has a long history of founding and working at numerous startups across a variety of industries, including gaming (Gamador YCW10), fintech (GogoCoin 500S15), and healthcare (Clover Health CLOV). He and Pete also co-founded Bacon Hot Sauce in 2010, which sold hundreds of thousands of bottles.

🎯Pete aka “Fish” is the CEO and has over a decade of running data and data-adjacent teams at startups in a variety of industries. These include gaming (Playdom/Disney), social (Yammer/Microsoft), HR/benefits (Zenefits), real estate (Opendoor), cannabis (Eaze), B2B (GoDaddy), and sports (Philadelphia Eagles). He has a Ph.D. in economics and loves talking about correlation vs. causation.

What is the Modern Data Stack and why does it matter?

We jokingly say that the Modern Data Stack is about 500 logos on a VC pitch deck slide. Navigating through the noise is challenging because many of the modern tools aim to solve advanced problems that most companies never encounter. Instead, we’ve optimized the data infrastructure onboarding experience to be achievable without any data engineers or experts.  Mozart will set up your data pipelines – seamlessly gluing world-class ELT, data warehousing, data transformation, data monitoring & alerting, cost-optimization, and governance all together for you. This gives you the full power of a modern data stack (Snowflake + Fivetran) even if all you know is some basic SQL, so you can focus on your specific product and business challenges.

Early examples of analysis teams do with a Modern Data Stack:

  • Answer basic questions (with auto-update) like: How many customers do we have? What does our revenue/cost look like over time?
  • Set up an Investor Dashboard with core metrics using Metabase to visualize
  • Set up Slack or email alerts when events happen in your application db
  • Get your Salesforce/Stripe/Shopify data syncing to GSheets
  • Reconcile how much each client is supposed to be paying and is actually paying
  • Set up a test and alert that we have a first and last name for every client (or any other necessary condition)
  • Push cleaned data about clients to a GSheet for customer service or operations teams to consume
  • View basic product funnels with Segment data through your favorite BI tool
  • Set up lead and churn (likelihood) scores for prospects and customers
  • SQL query collaborative editing with version control backed by GitHub
  • Save money on platforms that price based on seats with the same visibility into performance
  • Set up your long-term data infrastructure that can scale cost-effectively

There are many reasons to get your data infrastructure set up early.  There are many quick wins from reporting, alerting, effective operations, governance, and cost-saving.  With tools like Mozart Data, you can do this without data engineers.  With our Sonata package, you can see the value in the data for yourself for FREE.

Our ask 🙏

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  • Triple Bonus: share your feedback with us at founders@mozartdata.com