Mesh Analytics

Mesh: Understand what's driving revenue across marketing & sales 📈🕵️‍♀️

AI-powered revenue analytics & attribution for B2B businesses


Mesh reveals what’s driving revenue across marketing and sales tactics for B2B businesses so they know where to invest next. We unify data from disparate sources, perform analytics and attribution across the buyer journey, and surface proactive alerts and AI recommendations.

The Problem 😫

  • Understanding which marketing and sales tactics actually drive revenue is difficult, if not impossible. As a result, you’re not sure where to invest more resources or cut back on wasted spend.
  • You’re spending hours in spreadsheets, and weeks waiting for the data science team, trying to tie together funnel reports to see what’s driving revenue.
  • Marketing & sales leaders are constantly asking you how things are going and you lack the data to back up your performance narrative.
  • When things break in your marketing and sales pipeline it takes weeks or even months for you to realize, costing you precious leads and revenue.

The Solution 🔮

Mesh is the first Revenue Marketing OS. It’s an AI-powered analytics platform that ties together marketing and sales data to help B2B businesses make better decisions on where to invest their resources.

Mesh plugs into 100+ data sources (ex: your CRM, ad platforms, marketing automation services, event & webinar platforms, sales tools) and provides a web script to track companies visiting your website. Then it cleans and unifies the data and analyzes every touchpoint, so you can understand the revenue impact of all your tactics at an account level.

Through our AI multi-touch revenue attribution, campaign builder, alerts, and recommendations, you can quickly determine what has been working and not working at all stages of the funnel.

It’s never been easier to see full-path ROI, pipeline, and revenue analytics at the campaign, tactic, and channel level.

Our Story 🙌

We’re 2x founders working together again. Our previous startup was an AI assistant now used by 7,000+ businesses around the world. While building our last company we struggled to understand which marketing and sales efforts were making a difference. We assumed large organizations had solved this but, after interviewing 100+ B2B leaders, we were surprised to learn existing tools were not effective. We know businesses flourish when marketing and sales have the data they need to make good decisions, so we decided to make it our mission to help revenue teams never fly blind again!

Ask 🙏

If you know a marketing, sales, or revenue leader at a B2B scale-up or enterprise who needs to understand what is driving revenue at their organization, we’d so appreciate an intro!

If you’re experiencing this problem yourself, or have any feedback on the product, we’d love to hear from you.

Reach us at founders@withmesh.com or book time with us here.