askLio - AI-Copilot for procurement teams

Automate free-text requests with LLMs

At askLio, we use AI to help procurement teams automate free-text requests and guide employees. When an employee at a large enterprise wants to buy something, the procurement process used to take weeks - our AI turns it into hours.

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❌ The Problem

Employees at large enterprises have a hard time understanding and following all the procurement rules when they want to buy products or services. This leads to thousands of requests from employees to the procurement team asking to get what they are looking for.

Since many of these requests are coming in as plain text, it was impossible to process them automatically. With the current ways of handling these free-text requests, procurement has been doomed to process every single one manually.

Procurement teams spend hours of manual work to

  • understand the requirements of the employee
  • directing spend appropriately to existing contracts, vendors, and catalogs where possible
  • identifying and fixing incorrect or missing information
  • trying to conduct spend analysis which is nearly impossible for text requests

This finally turns procurement into a costly and week-long process.

💡 The solution

With Generative AI, we enter an era where technology can support procurement teams processing these text requests.

In an ideal world, software would automate all the steps: Employees could state their request in natural language, specify their demand and immediately see in which catalog they can find the solution or with what vendors existing contracts are already in place.

Our software does precisely that.

Sitting in MS Teams or the P2P-System: our AI-Copilot reduces cost by freeing up procurement teams from time-hungry tasks by automatically processing free-text requests.

The AI tackles them and assists in refining specifications, taking full advantage of existing contracts and structuring purchase requirements - enriching them with e.g. purchase category.
Since our AI understands text requests, it enables procurement to do spend analysis and category management within seconds.

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🌟 Our mission
After experiencing the procurement pain firsthand (working at big enterprises like SAP, waiting months to get the things we need) and consulting big firms on procurement - we set our mission on leading the initiative with our AI solution.
We are addressing the operational excellence need, talent shortage, and effective demand management. Making the greatest impact on cost and risk throughout the whole procurement process.

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