ten.dev 🔟🧑‍💻 The knowledge-gathering co-pilot for development teams

Meet ten.dev the co-pilot that helps development teams store and retrieve the context of their code.

ten.dev helps developers document the context around their code. It asks developers to explain the “why” of their code as they write it. This understanding of why ensures software is easier to maintain, improve and collaborate on.


Developers love good documentation, but it suffers from one fatal flaw; developers hate to write it.

If the context isn't documented, the only way to understand it is by asking the original developer (if you can reach them) and hoping they remember!


We ask developers thoughtful questions about their code as they write it; after all, they are the people who understand it best! Downloading this data while fresh in developers’ minds results in higher quality context.

We store these question-answer pairings alongside the code, allowing developers to query this knowledge anytime through chat.


We are Eoin, Liam, and Eoghan from Limerick, Ireland. Before YC, Eoin, and Eoghan conducted deep learning Ph.D. research at the University of Limerick. Liam has a Master’s in computer engineering from the University of Limerick. Eoghan and Eoin pronounce their names the same way, “Owen" (weird, right?). Liam and Eoghan are brothers!

The Ask:

  1. If you're a software development team using Github & Slack, you can sign up at app.ten.dev today!
  2. If you know software teams that would find this helpful, tell them about ten.dev!