Helping developers understand code remarkably fast.

Ten analyses pull requests to generate context diagrams and comments for affected functions. Authors explain why changes were made by replying to Ten, replies are used as context for future pull requests. Reviewers use Ten to quickly understand modified code and flag potential side effects elsewhere in the codebase.

Team Size:2
Location:Limerick, Ireland
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Eoghan Mulcahy

Co-founder & CEO @ ten.dev

Eoghan Mulcahy
Eoghan Mulcahy

Liam Mulcahy

Co-founder & CTO @ ten.dev

Liam Mulcahy
Liam Mulcahy

Company Launches


ten.dev is a platform that houses your software team’s tribal knowledge so that your team always understands the ‘why’ of your code. We want to make situations like this extinct (source):

The Problem:

The information that allows a developer to truly understand a codebase is the tribal knowledge of the developers who wrote it. In other words, the reasons ‘why’ they wrote it the way they did.

This knowledge is never documented or stored and exists in the minds of the development team. New team members learn through osmosis over time, some parts they may never truly understand.

When an experienced developer leaves a team, the code remains in situ, but the tribal knowledge evaporates overnight. As time passes, and personnel continue to come and go, eventually,  no one remaining understands elements of the code.
What you are left with is a legacy codebase that cannot be touched because nobody understands it.

Our Solution:

Tribal knowledge is shared through conversations, so have the conversations on ten.dev. We store the tribal knowledge of your team and make it accessible via replayable video, transcriptions, and Github co-pilot.

How it works:

Effective tribal knowledge sharing amongst developers is conversational. Developers like to do whiteboard sessions to explain their code, so we replicate this environment. We generate diagrams of logical paths through your code automatically on sign-up.

We provide a place for developers to discuss the code through a virtual meeting space. If you want to understand the code, invite a teammate who can help you and just chat while navigating the code!

ten.dev transcribes and summarises these discussions. Your tribal knowledge is stored forever alongside your code, and you never have to have the same conversation twice.

The Future:

The future is Copilots. That is why we are making your team’s tribal knowledge accessible via GitHub Copilot. GitHub recently announced the general availability of its Enterprise Co-pilot solution, with an emphasis on feeding its Copilot institutional knowledge to help developer productivity. We are doing just that with conversational tribal knowledge.


If you or your team has Typescript or Javascript repositories, uses Github, and would like to use ten.dev, you can request access to our beta today by filling out this form.

If you already discuss code in online meetings or use async video (eg: Loom), ten.dev is the purpose-built solution with a better experience, smart summarization, and can be used to feed GitHub Copilot.

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