AiSDR - AI that sells

Meet AiSDR, software that reaches out and books meetings with prospects for you on auto-pilot


AiSDR automates sales prospecting. Our software uses generative AI to write and send sales emails to prospective customers. Once a prospect engages, AiSDR automatically corresponds with the prospect with the goal of getting a meeting booked. In just 2 months, AiSDR already has 24 customers. The response rate of our sales emails is on par with the industry’s rate for emails written by humans. This is our second time as YC founders after we sold our first company AXDRAFT (W19) to Onit Inc.

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Do you want to scale your SDR team without growing your headcount or significantly raising your operating costs? AiSDR will make it easier for your business to stay lean and mean.

If you’re faced with any of these challenges, AiSDR is the SDR for you:

  • Inbound/outbound leads are lost because you can’t answer in <10 minutes
  • You run 1-3 generic email campaigns that don’t convert because you don’t have the time to create personalized campaigns
  • You’re uncomfortable with sending follow-ups because they seem “salesy” or “spammy”
  • You want to scale your email outreach but you don’t have the budget to confidently hire an SDR


For a fraction of the cost of a full-time, in-house SDR, AiSDR will use your leads and personas to (a) create personalized email campaigns for each lead, (b) send personalized follow-ups to leads, and (c) correspond and drive leads to book a meeting with you.

This will help you scale your outreach without increasing headcount while giving you the freedom to experiment with campaigns before hiring your first full-time SDR.

Long story short, AiSDR is the AI SDR that will grow your pipeline, optimize SDR costs, and give you the freedom to reinvest revenue into growing your business.

How it works

AiSDR leverages generative AI to create personalized email campaigns at scale using lead data and sales personas. Since AiSDR never needs to sleep, it will respond to and follow up with engaged leads in less than 10 minutes, ensuring that prospective clients never fall through the cracks due to lack of time.

AiSDR will also help with developing and fine-tuning personas, cleaning leads, and warming up inboxes so that emails don’t land in spam.

The team

This is our second time in YC. After our first time taking part (W19), we successfully sold our company AXDRAFT to Onit. Now with 6+ years of founder-led sales under our belt, we’re keen on solving many of the pains and challenges founders experience in sales. Before AXDRAFT, Oleg was a senior software engineer at Booking.com.

Our quick asks

  • Book a demo with us if you want to learn more about AiSDR and use it to scale your outbound outreach or improve your inbound conversion rates.
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  • Refer us to anyone you know who’s on the lookout for a budget-friendly solution to scale their SDR teams.