Relate: Modern Sales CRM for B2B Startups

Meet Relate, a modern sales CRM platform for B2B startups and small businesses!

Hey YC!

After nearly two years of building in private, we are finally opening our doors to build Relate with a broader public user community. Today, we're launching Relate — a modern sales CRM software built for B2B startups.

Why are we building a new CRM platform?

It started with scratching our own itch. Before building Relate, we spent our first four pivots working on various B2B products. We needed a way to track our early sales and customer development activities, so we picked a CRM available on the market then — and we quickly found we were limited with old processes.

Our sales motion, as a result, was very slow. We jumped around different CRM solutions, but none worked for us. Adding customer profiles was cumbersome and felt manual. Updating deals daily was taking longer than the selling itself.

Why isn't there a simple and easy-to-use CRM that just works out of the box?

For chat, we love using Slack. And for issue tracking, we love using Linear. But what about sales? Why isn't there a CRM that gives you similar excitement and joy as Slack and Linear?

Frustrated by failing to find one, we built Relate to solve our problem.

Introducing Relate CRM

Relate offers a simple way to build customer relationships and collaborate with teams in one place.

Why Relate?

  • It’s simple. No feature bloat, no heavy implementation, workflow setup.
  • Crafted product experience for startups
  • Powerful workflows and collaborative features that come with the product
  • Free plan! Get started without paying

Relate lets you:

  • Track prospects, deals, and customers in one place
  • Manage your sales workflow and pipeline
  • Link and keep all your sales notes and email history together
  • Collaborate with your team on sales
  • Analyze and monitor sales productivity and efficiency

Try out for yourself!

YC Deal

  • 50% off — Standard Plan for 1 year
  • How to redeem: email we@relate.so with a screenshot of your company profile on Bookface!