Routine iOS: Sunrise + Todoist + Notion

Routine is an all-in-one productivity app: calendars, tasks, notes & contacts

⏩ tl;dr

Routine iOS is available!

⛰️ Problem

Busy professionals waste a lot of time juggling between many apps to manage their work: tasks, calendars, notes, contacts, projects etc.

  • Many use Apple Notes for taking notes, which then must later be copied & organized in a team knowledge base (e.g Notion).
  • Other use a task manager (e.g Todoist) to quickly create tasks instead of creating a ticket in the collaborative platform (e.g Asana)
  • Meetings notes are rarely taken because it is too much of a hassle. And if done, one must then manually create tickets to represent the meeting’s action items
  • And calendars do not allow to overview, prioritize and plan work even though they are the prime representation of time
  • … and so on and so forth

📱 Solution

Routine is an all-in-one productivity app which brings your work from third-party services (email, chat, project management etc.) next to your calendar to better overview, prioritize and plan.

With Routine, calendars, tasks, notes & contacts are connected for information you create to be organized and linked to time.

Give it a try here!

Hope you like it.